Amber Coddington

I am a SAHM (that is rarely at home) of four kids – 20 year Ashley a Junior at UNT, identical twin boys, Caleb & Trevor who are 8 and in third grade at Heritage, and 5 year old Hannah Kate who is in kindergarden at Heritage. I can often be found at Chick-fil-A or McAlister’s, drinking unsweet iced tea. I spend way too much time on Facebook and have aspirations of starting a blog. I enjoy spending time with friends and looking for bargains. I am a huge STARS fan and love to DVR way too many shows (that I rarely get to watch). My advice to new moms is to enjoy the phase your kids are in and not worry so much about doing everything perfect. Amber served as MPOM Treasurer for 3 years before serving as President then Advisor. Amber is currently serving her fourth year as Children's Socials and seventh year as Webmaster.